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Opel electric vehicle batteries

All our batteries are built using the latest lithium-ion technology. The long range they deliver is down to their compact size (which enables more batteries to fit inside the car), plus the chemical structure of lithium-ion, which enhances heat resistance. (The higher the heat resistance, the less the energy required to cool the battery to its optimal operating temperature.) 


An active heat management system optimises battery temperature in all weather conditions.

Opel batteries don’t suffer from "memory effect", so you can partially charge your electric vehicle as often as you want without causing premature performance degradation. 

Battery maintenance.

There’s actually zero maintenance required on your part. When your electric vehicle is serviced at an Opel dealer, we fully check the battery, charging port, chargers and cable connections. We also provide an official battery certificate confirming the battery’s maximum state of charge, (i.e., how much energy it is still capable of holding). This certificate is integral to the resale value of your car.

Battery warranty.

All our electric vehicles come with an eight-year or 160.000 km battery warranty for at least 70% of its original charge capacity after this time or distance. We also provide you with a Battery Capacity Certification that confirms your vehicle’s battery charge capacity and helps facilitate vehicle resale. 

Battery refurbishment.

Defective batteries are either replaced or refurbished, depending on the degree of repair required. We endeavour to refurbish batteries whenever we can, so that our ecological/ CO2 footprint can kept to a minimum.


There are a number of other measures we take to ensure our battery program is as sustainable as possible. At end of their primary life cycles, batteries are refurbished so they can be used for secondary electrical storage. After their secondary life cycles, we recycle any precious materials within them.